Emergency Management Project

This CAHC project, ‘Enhancing the Capacity for Emergency Management in Canada’s Livestock & Poultry Industry’ (2016-2018) is funded by AgriMarketing: Assurance Systems (Agriculture and Agri Food Canada).  It will provide producers and their associations with tools that are  relevant to their specific sector and region in the event of a disease related sector-wide emergency event, e.g.

  • GUIDELINES that set out the producers’  roles in the key activities anticipated, and the information they will need to have on hand;  and
  • PLANS for provincial commodity associations setting out the role and responsibilities for the organization and its staff.

The project complements and ‘fits’ within the context of several key initiatives, including the Livestock Market Interruption Strategy (LMIS) led by AAFC, and the Plant and Animal Health Strategy (PAHS) being facilitated by CFIA.  The project brings to the livestock industry, many concepts and tools that have been successfully adopted by other industries and sectors, e.g. the poultry sector, allowing the industry to learn and capitalize upon the lessons learned by others.

The project involves significant collaboration with federal government organizations (AAFC, CFIA), provincial government departments of agriculture and as well 14 provincial commodity groups spread across a range of provinces and a broad cross section of the various livestock commodities.