July 28, 2016
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West Hawk Lake Zoning 2009-2013

ZONE CANADA press release- July 2012


The ability to mitigate the risk of a foreign animal disease in Canada is critical for the industry and society.  The West Hawk Lake Zoning initiative is one of  the traceability initiatives that will reduce the risk for Canadians.

This project is the next phase of the initiative following completion of an initial project in March 2009 to test the concept of zoning Canada at the West Hawk Lake site.  The zoning system ensures data on animal movement across the site which would be essential in managing an animal health emergency.  In the previous project, the data system was developed and tested and voluntary participation was developed.  Animal identification data was verified with receivers.

The current project will operate with a steering committee comprised of government and industry representatives representing stakeholders in the West Hawk Lake Zoning initiative and is managed by the Canadian Animal Health Coalition.

The Canadian Animal Health Coalition appreciates the support of Agriculture and AgriFood Canada through the Growing Forward - Food Safety and Traceability Initiative which together with equal support from the animal agriculture sectors, provides the opportunity to further develop and operationalize the West Hawk Lake Zoning Initiative.

Objectives of the West Hawk Lake Zoning Project 2009-2013

  • 24/7 - 365 days operations including client support through the call centre and site activity,
  • Confirm funding commitment by industry organizations,
  • Enhance producer participation,
  • Validate data collection and integrity and assess ease of access of the system,
  • Define West Hawk Lake Zoning's role in the National Agriculture and Food Traceability System, and
  • Investigate an expanded WHL scope to include other agri-food commodities.

Attributes of the West Hawk Lake site

The West Hawk Lake Zone control site, located on the Trans-Canada Highway near the Manitoba-Ontario border, offers a unique, single road site checkpoint opportunity to monitor and control Canadian livestock movements.

With the cooperation of producers and the transportation industry, information about the conveyance of animals including departure and destination premises is gathered and stored in a database.  This information will only be accessed in an emergency.

West Hawk Lake Zoning is an innovative tool to collect and access information required for the immediate response to a foreign animal disease.  It will significantly enhance disease containment capacity and mitigate associated risks.

In order to ensure confidentiality, shippers should contact the Zone Site when moving animals. Similarly, receivers of animals should  shoujld confirm their load details by contacting the site once animals have been received and processed. There are a variety of ways for producers to provide details on their loads and the site crew can help you find the most suitable way for you to report your load details. A Zone Associate would be happy to answer any questions you might have, any time of day, toll free 1.877.966.3945.

Zone Canada Partners

The West Hawk Lake Zoning Initiative is a project managed by the Canadian Animal Health Coalition (CAHC) and is funded in partnership through the Canadian Industry Traceability Infrastructure Component of the Canadian Integrated Food Safety Program and the Canadian livestock industry.  The CAHC is grateful for the support and direction of the oversight team, the CZC-representing the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, Canadian Pork Council, Dairy Farmers of Canada, Canadian Meat Council, Canadian National Goat Federation, Canadian Bison Association, Canadian Sheep Federation, Equine Canada, Canadian Swine Health Board,  Canadian Cattle Identification Agency, OnTrace, Canadian Trucking Association, Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation, Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives,  Ontario Ministry of Food and Rural Affairs, Ministere de l'Agriculture, des Pecheries et de l'Alimentation du Quebec, Agriculture, Agri-Food Canada and Canada Food Inspection Agency. 

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